Edible spoon original

Edible spoon original

My spoon original is the first product from the line of edible spoons of the My spoon brand.

The spoon is a unique combination of a classic spoon that is used in catering facilities, cafes, restaurants, hotels, with the difference that our spoon is edible, tasty, nutritious and healthy. It was conceived as a combination of a spoon and a dessert served with coffee.

The edible spoon is made of absolutely natural ingredients, without artificial additives and preservatives that are widely used in the food industry today..

My spoon original is primarily a spoon intended for mixing hot drinks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and is also suitable for consuming honey, natural creams, fruit spreads and natural ice creams.


A spoonful is edible. It is a type of special biscuit that is resistant to heat and liquids. Your drink will not change its taste because the spoon does not release or absorb liquid, so your enjoyment of the drink can last as long as you want. Restaurateurs will no longer need a dessert served with coffee, since the My spoon spoon is a 2-in-1 product.

The taste of the spoon is based on natural honey, which makes up 14% of each spoon and is one of the basic ingredients that refines the product and preserves it so that it remains fresh and tasty for a long time. The top quality honey on which the production of spoons is based is produced by beekeeping associations from the territory of the Special Nature Reserve Deliblatska Peščara in accordance with the most modern techniques and technologies while maintaining traditional quality.

There are many advantages that make edible spoons the optimal alternative to plastic or metal spoons. By nibbling on an edible spoon, you introduce nutrients and healthy substances into your body, which is not the case for nibbling on a plastic spoon that releases toxins, which is not suitable for recycling and which in most cases ends up in our rivers and parks.

My spoon original edible spoon is suitable for all ages, for all sweet tooths who take care of what they put into their body and what they offer to their children as sweets. The taste is natural, without enhancers, very neutral to benefit children and sensitive people.

A combination of useful and tasty, My spoon original is intended for restaurateurs who appreciate their customers, people with refined taste, all creative people and adventurers who take care of themselves and their health and want to try a unique product on the market.

Nutritional value

Nutritional value per 100 g: energy value: 1780 kJ /421 kcal ; fat: 8,3 g; saturated fatty acids: 1.3 g; carbohydrates: 75,7 g; of which sugars: 27,1 g; fiber: 1,2 g; protein: 10,4 g, salt 0,13g. Reference Intake of an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal) per 100 g. Energy value: 21%; Fat: 12%; of which saturated fatty acids: 6%;Carbohydrates: 29%; of which sugars: 30%; Protein: 21% ; salt: 2%.

Nutrition facts

Servings Per Container: 1, Serving Size: 1 biscuit (5.5g),
Amount per serving: Calories 23.1, Total Fat 0.45g (0.6% DV), Saturated Fat 0.07g (0.4% DV), Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 1.91mg (0.64% DV), Sodium 4mg (0.17%), Total Carbohydrate 4.16g (1.4%), Dietary Fiber 0.06g (0.21%), Total Sugars 1.5g (Includes 1.5g Added Sugars, 3% DV), Protein 0.57g. VitamiAn D 0mcg (0% DV), Calcium 2.84mg (0.22% DV), Iron 0.051mg (0.28% DV), Potassium 6.74mg (0.14% DV).
*The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutritient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

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About us

In 2019, a group of young visionaries created the MySpoon brand in the desire to create products that would become a healthy alternative to items that are in daily use, and which are very harmful due to their composition and properties. We have protected the brand and innovative design in front of domestic and foreign institutions in order to ensure a safe and high-quality future of our range of products.

Idea came from a study that showed the harmfulness of disposable plastic utensils in the Horeca program. The plastic from which objects such as spoons for mixing coffee are made is very harmful, both in contact with food or drink, and in contact with humans. Biting plastic spoons, which has become a habit of coffee lovers, has a very bad effect on the health of the teeth, but also on the health of the entire organism, because by biting, toxins from plastic are directly introduced into the body. After using disposable utensils, these items usually end up in landfills at best, and can be seen everyday on city sidewalks, parks, green spaces, rivers and lakes. The fact that something we use for a few seconds remains in the natural environment as a pollutant for 1000 years makes it necessary for each of us to ask ourselves about our awareness towards the environment that we inherited from our ancestors, and which we should preserve for our descendants. If you take into account the fact that it is plastic that is not suitable for recycling, the problem is certainly deepening. Bearing in mind that the ban on the production and sale of plastic products, including disposable plastic spoons, came into force in the EU countries, we come to the conclusion that all is not lost and that there is hope that the consciousness of the population will change.

Mission of the brand and company My spoon offers a solution to its consumers in the form of an edible spoon. We strive to provide healthy, tasty and nutritious products in order to raise awareness of a balanced and healthy diet. The goal of us, who make efforts to use edible spoons instead of plastic or wooden disposable spoons, is also to inform users in order to spread awareness about the harmful impact of these products on the overall health of people and the environment. Plastic is a pollutant from the moment of production, during use and after use. The wood is not harmful, but in order to get a wooden spoon, the trees must be cut, and that cannot be a good thing. Also, in the process of producing wooden spoons, harmful glues and other chemical substances are used, which we consider potentially very dangerous. There is an alternative and we will try to make our alternative available to the widest possible range of users. Therefore, if you are someone who values ​​a healthy lifestyle, then you are in the right place.